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Services & Commissions

Wedding Services
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something... calligraphical... Learn more about Don's artful and always personalized wedding services.

"Don King not only has the experienced eye, the exquisite taste and the steady hand essential to the fine art of calligraphy, but he also possesses an innate artistic judgement that sets him apart."
"We are always pleased to recommend him for our weddings and special occasions. Don's calligraphy conveys the level of sophistication and elegance that our events require, and our clients are always impressed by the talent and precision he brings to each assignment."
Ruth Ross & Karen Havighurst
ARRANGEMENTS Special Event Design & Management

Citations, resolutions, certificates of recognition, mission statements, etc., guaranteed to make the recipient feel very special and reflect your organization's good taste. Here's a testimonial from the marketing director of a large Raleigh-based law firm:

Dear Don,

I just received your summer newsletter, and wanted to comment on your article "In recognition of..." As you may recall, in 2005, our law firm commissioned from you a "special recognition award" for nine of our attorneys who have been practicing law for more than 40 years. These were awarded to the surprised recipients at our attorney retreat in front of their families and law partners at a wonderful ceremony in Charlotte. In addition to the beautiful and meaningful framed manuscripts you created, we gave the attorneys fine brass clocks suitable for a mantle, with an inscription on them.

I wanted you to know that I've had several of the attorneys comment over the past few years that their families talk about the beautiful manuscript you created, and how it has become an "instant heirloom." One attorney has designated who is to receive it in his will, and another said it was one of the best gifts he had ever been given. I haven't heard a word about the clock, and will suggest that when we do this again in 2010, we just forget about the clocks altogether. The recognition certificate you created is by far more important, and everyone recognizes it as such. Thank you so much for creating these important works. I hope you'll do it for us again in 2010!

Best wishes,
Laura Hudson

Sampler of Hands Depending upon my current workload, I'll be happy to satisfy your traditional calligraphic needs, such as addressing envelopes, filling in pre-printed certificates, etc. Check out the Sampler of Hands for a quick idea of some of the styles available. Contact me to discuss the details.

I specialize in creating very memorable and unique calligraphic art using your words or text. I use only museum-quality materials and media in all my work, so your special piece will, given proper care, last for many generations. For more information on these One-of-a Kind works see The Gallery.

"The three pieces of artwork arrived safely last week... All three pieces are beautiful and even better than what our discussions had planned for. Your skills and efforts are very much appreciated... Thanks again for your artist's hand and eye. The pieces now occupy a place where the world can see and appreciate your skills."
Bob S.
Minot, ND

Another example of One-of-a-Kind works is Heraldry. For more information, see Heraldry.

A significant verse, your wedding vows, the words of your favorite song... Contact me to discuss how I can use your words along with illustration or other elements to create a special work of art that will be cherished by you and yours for generations to come. I have a large repertoire of hands, styles upon which I will draw to make your words come alive.

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